Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chambers

  • State-of-the art micro-processor controlled
  • Electronic interlocks help control cross contamination by allowing only one door to be opened at a time
  • Space saving design via electric roll-up doors optimizes valuable cleanroom space
  • Low profile base provides easy access for utility cats, process equipment and other mobile systems
  • Electronic key-switches allows both roll-up doors to be opened simultaneously if and when needed
  • Ergonomic push-buttons can be operated even by gloved personnel
  • Side windows allow personnel to view interior contents being transferred
  • Large EPO button for power interruption in the case of an emergency
  • Redundant controls allow independent operation of each access door from its own side
  • Upper stainless steel housing isolates the roll-up door motors and circuit control box from the pass-through chambers interior
  • Fabricated out of heavy-gauge #4 finished 304 grade stainless steel (316 grade available upon request)
  • Offered in a variety of standard sizes as well as special order sizes
  • Optional features include down-flow HEPA or ULPA filtered air shower and security iris or card access readers


Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chamber Design – The space saving design of the roll-up door pass through chamber eliminates door clearance issues and provides convenient access of large carts and equipment into cleanrooms and other controlled environments without the need of personnel entry, thus eliminating unwanted contamination influx to these areas. Static dissipative PVC windows located to the side of each roll-up door not only allow an operator to view contents within the pass-through chamber, but also help to control contamination attraction by safely dissipating static charges. System motors and other mechanical/electrical devices are enclosed within their own stainless steel housing, isolating them from the interior of the pass-through chamber. To optimize clean-ability, the system enclosure is fabricated out of #4 304 grade stainless steel, allowing it to be maintained with commonly used disinfectants and cleaning agents. #4 316 grade stainless steel is optional and available upon request. The roll-up access doors themselves are lightweight in design, yet durable due to their aluminum construction and powder coated finish. System includes two sets of stainless steel mounting angles that close the wall opening off once the pass-though is in its final operating location.

System operation is easy and sure with the large push-buttons and controller, which features a state-of-the-art microprocessor. To help prevent cross-contamination, the doors are interlocked, allowing only one door at a time to be opened. For the convenience of passing through longer than normal equipment or for maintenance purposes, system key-switches allow both roll-up doors to be opened simultaneously.

For safety, each roll-up door features a pressure-sensitive “safety-bar” that will automatically stop door operation in the event that an obstruction is encountered. An Emergency Power-Off (EPO) button is also located on both sides of the pass-through chamber allowing personnel to shut-down system power.

Standard voltages include 120VAC, 60Hz and 240VAC, 50/60Hz.

Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chambers
Nominal Dimensions
in inches (mm)
W x D x H
Nominal Clearance
in inches (mm)
W x D x H
120VAC, 60Hz 240VAC, 50/60Hz
Roll-Up Door
HEPA Air Shower
Roll-Up Door
HEPA Air Shower
Part # Part # Part # Part #
44” x 32” x 68”
1118 x 813 x 1727)
30” x 28” x 49”
(1156 x 762 x 1721)
PT-RU436-1 PT-RU436-1H PT-RU436-2 PT-RU436-2H
44” x 40” x 68”
(1118 x 1016 x 1727)
30” x 38” x 48”
(762 x 965 x 1194)
PT-RU446-1 PT-RU446-1H PT-RU446-2 PT-RU446-2H
44” x 50” x 87”
(1118 x 1270 x 2210)
30” x 48” x 67”
(762 x 1219 x 1702)
PT-RU458-1 PT-RU458-1H PT-RU458-2 PT-RU458-2H
50” x 32” x 68”
(1270 x 813 x 1727)
36” x 30” x 48”
(914 x 762 x 1219)
PT-RU536-1 PT-RU536-1H PT-RU536-2 PT-RU536-2H
50” x 50” x 68”
(1270 x 1270 x 1727)
36” x 48” x 48”
(914 x 965 x 1219)
PT-RU556-1 PT-RU556-1H PT-RU556-2 PT-RU556-2H
50” x 50” x 80”
(1270 x 1270 x 2032)
36” x 48” x 60”
(914 x 1219 x 1524)
PT-RU558-1 PT-RU558-1H PT-RU558-2 PT-RU558-2H
62” x 32” x 60”
(1575 x 813 x 1524)
48” x 30” x 48”
(1219 x 762 x1194)
PT-RU636-1 PT-RU636-1H PT-RU636-2 PT-RU636-2H
62” x 40” x 80”
(1575 x 1016 x 2032)
48” x 38” x 60”
(1219 x 965 x 1524)
PT-RU648-1 PT-RU648-1H PT-RU648-2 PT-RU648-2H
62” x 50” x 80”
(1575 x 1270 x 2032)
48” x 48” x 60”
(1219 x 1219 x 1524)
PT-RU658-1 PT-RU658-1H PT-RU658-2 PT-RU658-2H
770” x 40” x 90”
(1778 x 1016 x 2286)
56” x 38” x 70”
(1422 x 965 x 1778)
PT-RU749-1 PT-RU749-1H PT-RU749-2 PT-RU749-2H
70” x 50” x 90”
(1778 x 1270 x 2286)
56” x 48” x 70”
(1422 x 1219 x 1778)
PT-RU759-1 PT-RU759-1H PT-RU759-2 PT-RU759-2H