Portable Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods

These economical, lightweight, and portable clean air hoods can be located and positioned on most any work surface to provide a particle-free processing environment.

Flex™ Laminar Flow Hood


  • Provides an economical, ISO 5 (Class 100) work environment
  • Modular design allows hood configuration for application specific requirements
  • Portability for convenient placement on most any bench or counter top
  • Ideal workspace environment for sensitive manufacturing, assembly and testing operations
  • Light Shield/Control Box Interface (optional, shown in featured image) provides on-demand fluorescent lighting and integration of all system electrical components
  • Ionization system (optional) introduces both positive and negative ions to neutralize charges that could damage static sensitive materials/devices
  • Available in a variety of sizes and materials, including static dissipative PVC ESD

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Purge™ Laminar Flow Hood


  • Ultraviolet germicidal light system provides sterilization of the clean air hoods interior space
  • Vertical laminar flow air provides an ideal ISO 5 (Class 100) processing environment
  • Ideal for critical applications, such as DNA & RNA manipulation and amplification
  • Built-in micro switch allows safe operation of the ultraviolet light source
  • Integrated white polypropylene base provides a clean and chemical resistant work surface
  • Fluorescent lamp provides direct lighting over the work area
  • Two-piece access shield features adjustable friction hinges for safe positioning
  • Offered in a variety of sizes and materials to meet application specific requirements

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