Motorized Shoe Cleaner

Rugged and easy to operate, this automatic shoe cleaner ensures fast and effective cleaning of shoes to control tracking of contamination into gown rooms, cleanrooms and other environmentally controlled areas. Unit operation is easy with the waist-high chrome plated handle, which turns on the shoe cleaner with a simple press of the handle. Its internal brush system employees five brushes, one stationary nylon brush and two pairs of power-driven tough fiber
rotational brushes, all of which thoroughly clean every part of the shoe, including deep within the shoes welts and seams. A built-in vacuum system allows the shoe cleaner to be stand-alone, as it can be placed anywhere a 120V convenience power outlet is available. The included HEPA filtration not only muffles the exhaust sound, but provides ultra-clean operation allowing the units to be placed within a cleanroom environment. To ensure optimal cleanliness, the motor and other particle-generating components are enclosed within the unit’s non-contaminating thermo-formed plastic housing, which features a radius corners and  a smooth surface for ease of cleaning.Units are available without an internal vacuum system for connection to an in-house vacuum system. 220VAC /50-60Hz models are also available.

Standard Features:

  • Waist-high handle allows convenient shoe cleaner operation
  • Built-in vacuum system for stand-alone operation and effective removal of contaminates
  • Internal brush system that cleans deep into shoe welt and seams
  • Controller for speed adjustment of rotational brushes allowing use with any type of footwear
  • Easy to clean smooth and clutter free exterior
  • System designed for quite operation


Motorized Shoe Cleaner
Internal Vacuum System
and HEPA Filter
Internal Vacuum System
(for connection to in-house vacuum system)
110VAC / 60Hz 220VAC / 50-60Hz 110VAC / 60Hz 220VAC / 50-60Hz
Part # Part # Part # Part #
SC16-VAH1 SC16-VAH2 SC16-SA1 SC16-SA2

Replacement Parts

Motorized Shoe Cleaner Maintenance Schedule

Every Two Weeks:

  1. Open the shoe cleaner housing and wipe the interior clean.
  2. Replace disposable dust bags.

Once a Month:

  1. Replace Vacuum Filter (VAH Models Only).
  2. Inspect brushes and replace if worn to ensure proper cleaning action.

Every Six Months:

  1. Inspect and replace brushes as needed.

Note: Since the unit rests o nthe ground, care should be taken when opening the cover to prevent unnecessary scratches.

Replacement Parts
for Motorized Shoe Cleaner
Description Part #
Stationary Nylon Brush
Cleans shoe uppers (1 each)
Upper Rotary Fiber Brush
Clean sides of shoes (1 pair)
Lower Rotary Fiber Brush
Clean soles of shoes (1 pair)
Dust Collection Bags (pack of 12)
(weekly replacement recommended)
Vacuum Motor Filter (3 µm) SC16-VA13
Replacement HEPA Filter SC16-VA33
HEPA Filter Adapter SC16-VA32
V-Belts (1 Pair) SC16-VA36