Talk-Through Communicator Window

The Talk-Through Communicator Window allows direct and line-of-site discussions between persons whom are in opposing areas, making it ideal for gown-rooms, cleanrooms, hospital, laboratories and other similar environments. This ease of communicating helps to maximize productivity, by eliminating the need for personnel to de-gown to leave the area and to re-gown when re-entering, which also helps to minimize cross contamination.Its white plastic mounting frame is not only easy to clean, but is also aesthetically pleasing. Visibility and communication through the talk-through
window is made possible with its transparent Mylar “S” diaphragms and clear protective grilles, which are mounted on opposite sides of the Mylar diaphragms to protect them against damage. PVC seals also eliminate air passage as not to affect the clean environments pressure differential.Its versatile design allows installation within a variety of materials, such as drywall, modular walls, stainless steel bulk-heads or even plastic viewing
windows. Installation is quick and easy!

Communicator Window
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Wall Talk-Through Communicator Dimensions:

Overall Outside Diameter: 10″ (254mm)
Grille Diameter of Talk-Through Grille: 6.5″ (165mm)
Mounting Screw Hole Pattern: 7.25″ (184mm)