Portable Softwall Cleanroom Environments

Standard Features:

  • Flexible design allows for easy expansions and classification upgrades
  • 4” square main support posts with heavy-duty leveling glides/feet
  • Vinyl faced cleanroom ceiling tiles
  • On/off switch for lights fixtures (flush mounted into a 4” main support post)
  • Pre-fabricated armored cable wiring system for quick and easy installation
  • Free-span designs up 24’ feet (7.3 meters)
  • Support structure features a durable, non-contaminating powder coated white finish
  • 40Mil solid vinyl curtain wall panels and 60Mil vinyl strip curtain entries
  • Pre-fabricated, pre-wired, labeled and packaged for fast and easy on-site installation
  • Built-to-order, meeting any size, configuration or classification requirement
Portable Softwall Cleanroom Environments
The mobility of these portable softwall cleanrooms will allow this facility to run various injection moulding machines when needed within a controlled environment.
Portable Softwall Cleanroom Environments3
Featured here is (4) 20’ x20’ and (1) 10’ x 12” portable softwall cleanrooms, each of which is designed as a stand-alone unit or for interconnecting to each other creating various room configurations to suite the ever changing requirements for this aerospace company
Portable Softwall Cleanroom Environments 2
20′ x 50′ x 12′ (6.1 x 12.2 x 3.7) overall dimension ISO 8 / Class 10,000 softwall cleanroom. Interior view pictured below
Portable Softwall Cleanroom Environments4
View of the usable space within this fee-spanning 20’ x 50’ softwall cleanroom. System options include post mounted 120V & 220V outlets and 120V ceiling mounted drops

The unique design of this modular portable softwall cleanroom environments system provides not only an economical solution for your cleanroom needs, but flexibility for easy expansions and classification up-grades. The systems robust structural platform is designed to free-span up to 24’ (7.3 meters), allowing placement of cleanroom furniture and process equipment anywhere within the cleanrooms footprint, and if needed, mobility with the optional heavy-duty locking casters. Each softwall system is built-to-order to meet application specific requirements and cleanliness levels, ranging from IOS 8 to ISO 5 (Class 100,000 to 100). If required, these portable cleanrooms can also be used for containment purposes as a negative pressure room. With its versatile support structural, visual appeal and competitive price, these systems are an ideal choice for a variety of cleanroom applications.

Softwall Cleanroom Options:

  • Tear drop lighting
  • Mylar faced ceiling tiles
  • Fire suppression system (wet and dry)
  • Internal or external gown room and ante rooms
  • Negative pressure plenums
  • Electrical outlets & power drops (various voltages), including panels and breakers
  • Pressure differential gauge for HEPA/ULPA filter loading
  • Air conditioning systems for comfort cooling
  • Temperature and humidity control mechanical systems
  • Pass-through chambers with mechanical interlocking doors
  • Application specific process utilities
  • Remote on/off and/or variable speed control of HEPA/ULPA filter modules
  • High-efficiency remote access pre-filters (replaces motorized HEPA/ULPA filter module top mounted pre-filter)
  • Anti-Static, amber U.V. filtering, opaque, fire-retardant vinyl and fabricate curtains
  • Heavy-duty 1.5” (38mm) aluminum T-bar ceiling system with powder coated white finish
  • Sealed 2’ x 4’ lay-in light fixtures with electronic ballast
  • Seismic Zone 4 compliance
  • Installation, commissioning and certification
  • Other system options are also available upon request

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