Head Coverings

 Ultraguard Head Coverings, Advantage I Bouffant Cap

Polypropylene Bouffant Caps are highly breathable, latex free and low-linting.  Bouffant caps are available in 18, 21, 24, 28” sizes making the cap comfortable and secure for any hair style.  Bouffants are packaged in boxes for medical and general use or bagged for cleanrooms.

Color:  Blue, White, Green

Units:  500 or 1000 per case

Applications:  Cleanrooms, critical environments, food handling/production, medical, industrial manufacturing.

Ultraguard Head Covering, Advantage I Bouffant Cap
Descriptions Part # Quantity
Polypropylene Bouffant, Bagged, 18” APP0310-18 1000 per case
Polypropylene Bouffant, Bagged, 21” APP0310-21 1000 per case
Polypropylene Bouffant, Bagged, 24” APP0310-24 1000 per case
Polypropylene Bouffant, Bagged, 28” APP0310-28 1000 per case
Polypropylene Bouffant, Boxed, 21” APP0310-21-Box 500 per case
Polypropylene Bouffant, Boxed 24” APP0310-24-Box 500 per case

Hoods Advantage Pro

Advantage Pro, is a lightweight, soft, breathable, 3-layer material that is best used when dry particulate barrier and repellent materials are needed. Advantage Pro provides an excellent barrier against water based liquids and is resistant to light chemical splash. Advantage Pro is also treated with an anti-static agent.

Applications: Cleanroom, food processing, light chemicals, paint spraying, pesticides handling, asbestos abatement, fiberglass handling, general maintenance.

Hoods Advantage Pro
Descriptions Part # Quantity
Hood, Elastic Face, White APP0110-ADP 100 per case
Hood, Drawstring Closure, White APP0120-ADP 100 per case