Modular Cleanroom Environments

  • Designed and built to meet application specific requirements
  • Pre-fabricated for quick on-site installation, reducing build time
  • Flexibility that allows clean and easy cleanroom expansions and classification upgrades
  • Complete system kits for ease of installation by end users
  • Built to meet complete regulatory compliance
  • Air conditioning for operator comfort to advanced mechanical systems for desired environmental control
  • Cost effective hybrid built systems that can provide needed flexibility for meeting local building codes
  • Pre-fabricated steel mezzanines for above cleanroom placement of process and mechanical equipment
  • Modular wall systems available in metal-clad load bearing, painted aluminum, high-pressure laminate and others to best meet the application
  • Cleanliness levels from ISO 4 – ISO 8 (Class 10 – 100,000)

modular / hybrid cleanroom environments-02

modular / hybrid cleanroom environments-03

modular / hybrid cleanroom environments-01

Benefits of a Hybrid Constructed Cleanroom:

  • Modular systems incorporated with convenient construction framing materials
  • Provides flexibility when needed for various locality building codes
  • Allows for special occupancy and H type construction
  • As with 100% modular constructed cleanrooms, can be re-configured or dismantled for relocation
  • Built to comply with local building code for exiting and area separations
  • Can be more cost effective than a 100% modular constructed cleanroom
  • Wall cavity provides better flexibility for running and placing electrical, plumbing and other process utilities

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